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Adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum Predictive Maintenance System серия APMS

Thanks to an effective Central Monitoring System, Adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum has collected extensive pump data from world-wide installed bases over several years. From this data, and understanding our customer's needs, we have developed a software, based on Adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum propriety algorithms, for real time predictive maintenance.

The introductory package is dedicated to predicting future failure of pump due to silencer, exhaust line or scrubber clogging. The production team is informed in advance of failure, allowing to stop the process at a suitable time to take corrective action and prevent expensive wafer loss.  It is a stand alone system supported by Adixen's by Pfeiffer Vacuum Central Monitoring PC.

As the introductory package regards the exhaust clogging detection, other developments are under going for the system to be able to identify other failure modes on pumps and scrubbers. Therefore, it is important to introduce the system already in its first basic version to the customers, for them to get familiar and confident to the concept of predictive maintenance.

For compatibility, the software has to be installed on PC's equipped with at least 3.0012 CMS version. The delivery package includes the exhaust clogging APMS software installation Cd with the activation key and the user manual in English.


Automatic Warnings
The warnings are fully automated in real time and relayed to on duty staff via the central monitoring PC's or offices PC's. With our system we can also automatically e-mail relevant people or send an SMS message to mobile phones, guaranteeing that people are always informed on-time.

Process Flexibility
Clogging signatures vary depending on process by-product composition and exhaust line design. For accuracy, algorithm variables can be adjusted accordingly for every pump installation.

Warning Timings
The warnings can be set from a few hours to several days notice before the clogging reaches a critical level, subject to the customer's preference and criticality of the process.

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