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Плазменный датчик APS500 для полупроводниковой промышленности

Plasma Sensor for Semiconductor IndustryAPS 500

Advanced Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry
A small sensor with advanced technology

Alcatel has brought to market a simple solution for real time monitoring of process gasses in vacuum: the Adixen APS 500.

Real time on-line process monitoring
The Adixen APS 500 provides chemistry monitoring by creating its own plasma light therefore it can be located where the light from a plasma is not available: in vacuum lines, turbo-pump exhausts, process chambers or transfer chambers, any location with a pressure between 10-3 mbar and 10 mbar.

A versatile sensor that helps you understand and optimize
The Adixen APS 500 helps process engineers and scientists make “fingerprints” of their process equipment, detect drifts and defects, observe process steps, and optimize processes to reduce running costs and increase yield.


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