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A complete range of by-products traps.

description For productivity concern, throughput and process gases flow rates are increasing tremendously. This makes applications getting harsher due to always larger amount of non gaseous by-products to be handle by the pumps and scrubbers. At the same time our customer are requesting better reliability and longer life time for our products. 

Adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum has accepted this challenge by axing his effort not only on pumps improvement but also by proposing a complete range of by-products traps dedicated to various applications. Those accessories provide an efficient protection, offering the most effective pumping package in difficult conditions. The consequences of this protection are multiple and all sources of benefits for our customers.

An efficient trap properly maintained will permit to protect the tool down-stream components including valves, pump, lines, scrubber and also general exhaust where solid by-product can also accumulate. Therefore it will decrease effectively the maintenance frequency of these elements and then the maintenance cost.

key benefits

Cyclone trap: MT 1025

The principle of this trap is based on the cyclonic effect. The gases are pumped perpendicularly to the trap vertical axis and internal baffles force the flow to rotate around the exhaust. Thanks to the centrifugal force, particulates are ejected outside the flow and fall down into the bottom of the tank.
This trap is also available with an integrated water cooling circuit (YT 1025 model) what permits to catch condensable by-products. The incoming flow is cooled down and the internal temperature drops below a desirable value where targeted gases condensate.

Buffer trap: MT 2015

This trap has been designed to be like a buffer chamber for the powder falling down from the foreline. The internal cap breaks the solid blocks and part of the powder is trapped. The other part is pumped anyway but smoothly and progressively. That way, it is established that the pump can handle and evacuate the powder easily.

Hot trap: HT 1207

This inlet trap has been designed to act as a combustion chamber to crack the unreacted precursor gases flowing from the chamber. Without this trap, the cracking operates inside the pump inducing solid by-products pollution. The internal stainless steel wool offers a large surface where the products of the cracking reaction will deposit. Therefore, the gases which have undergone a complete composition change inside the trap are much easier to be handled by the pump.

Cooled traps: CT 1110 & CT1322

These traps have been designed to catch condensable by-products at the exhaust of the pump. Thanks to the internal water cooled blades which provide a large thermal exchange surface, the hot flow coming out of the pump is cooled down. The internal temperature drops bellow a desirable value where targeted gases become solid. This will let the exhaust gases free of condensable reducing then the line and scrubber maintenance frequency.

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