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Plug and Play Pumping Systems ATPS Series

Advanced solutions for the semiconductor industry

ATPS 42 with 4 x A300s




ATPS 42 with A300s + Roots

Using new technology
Adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum took the benefit of A100 and A300 compactness to design a modular tool pumping system able to meet the need of most tools and applications. This range is composed of two versions : ATPS 42 and ATPS 82, depending on the pumping line configuration. Optional abatement systems can be integrated on the right side.
High performance and lower noise level
• 100 to 1 700 m3/h independentpumping line combinations are available
• Pumping speed and ultimatevacuum are similar to or better than corresponding conventional pumps
• Noise level is divided by morethan two compared to conventional pumps.
Save footprint for a variety
of applications

• Between 30 and 50 % footprintgain when compared to stacked conventional pumps with the same pumping capacity, even more when compared to a typical full on-floor pump configuration
• All existing semiconductorapplications are covered such as etch, HDPCVD, PECVD, SACVD, LPCVD, RTP-CVD,...
Increased safety
• Exhaustable enclosure for all pumps including pump outlet connections and abatement system
• Optional safety sensors such as gas or smoke/fire sensors
• Lower pump weight means safer handling.
Faster hook-up
• The centralized utilities and fullydefined vacuum connection locations results in significant reduction in installation and start-up time
• The number of facilities connection can be reduced by more than six.
For 6 to 12" fabs
The Adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum ATPS series provides the ultimate solution for gaining or saving space in existing or new fabs needing a remote pumping configuration.

Outline dimensions

The ATPS 42 and 82 have been designed for abatement system integration. These abatement systems can be provided
by selected partners, having a leading position for each application.
The abatement technologies include, among others, dry bed, burner/wet, wet, or plasma for PFC abatement.
The integrated abatement system enhances ATPS benefits such as footprint reduction, pipework integration and centralized
facilities for faster hook-up/start-up, and higher safety.

ATPS 42 + Dry bed abatement


ATPS 42 + Burner/wet abatement


ATPS 42 + Atm. plasma + Dry bed abatement


Faster hook-up

ATPS is shipped with all pumps already installed, fully connected and tested in the frame.

Centralized supervision network

Compatible for all Adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum stand-alone pumps and selected abatement systems!

Options / Accessories

A full range of accessories is proposed as:
- a package which includes lighting tower, liquid sensor, air flow sensor, door opened sensors
- powder trap, hot traps, cold traps,... a range of application based solutions to increase pump life time which can be safely integrated within the ATPS
- seismic brackets
- inlet isolation valves, with or without soft pumping
- N2 and cooling water flowmeters  


Inlet valves, with and w/o soft pumping

Lighting tower


  Seismic brackets


Easy maintenance with specific tools  

Transport of one A300 pump



ALT 22 elevating table

Technical specifications

Peak pumping speed (50/60Hz)  From 95 to 1 700 m3/h (55 to 1 000 cfm) 
Ultimate pressure w/o purge/ with 35 slm purge, mtorr  A100/A300 pumping line = 5/ 50
Roots pumping line = 0,5/ 5
Noise level (at ultimate pressure), dBA 58 to 65 dBA * 
Dimensions (W x D x H at top frame, w/o abatement), mm   460x1300x1902   920x1300x1902 
Power voltage 200-208 V or 380-460 V 
Inlet/outlet size SO 63 or ISO 100 / KF 25 
Cabinet exhaust requirements (w/o abatement)  104 mm O.D, 100 to 150 m3/ (60 to 90 cfm) * - sub-atm > 150 Pa 
Frame footprint w/o abatement  ~ 0,6 m2 / 6,5 ft  1,2 m2 / 13 ft2
Frame footprint with one abatement module ~ 1,6 m2 / 17 ft2  2,2 m2 / 23 ft2
(*) depending on pump configuration

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